To all palestinians dreaming about keys

This sentence was read on a forum:

“…they are the grandparents who pass the Return keys to their grandchildren in the dire refugee camps before slipping into the darkness of death”

This symbol, used by palestinians made me think of the story of my own family and I answered on the forum:

I Come from a Jewish Algerian family. Jews lived in Algeria centuries before the Arabs. But in 1962 they were expelled from Algeria. My Parents didn’t leave with the key of their house in their hands, and certainly never let us hope that we would one day return to Algeria ( where my ancestor had live for more than 2000 years!).

Today, we live in Israel. We have moved on…and that wasn’t always easy.
This is something that I do not understand, why can’t you move on, build up a better life where you are, with your children?
I do understand that you feel that this is not right. But the fate of the jewish people hasn’t been exactly right, and we moved on, always.
I do not mean that you must accept everything we ask you. Yes, you can fight, but only in words, around a conference table, and you must know, before you enter the conference room that you will not get everything you want. This is called a compromise.
And there is no room for a compromise as long as you will use the image of the grand parents dying and giving this rusted key that opens no existing door to their grand children. This is a very romantic image, but it keeps you out of reality, it doesn’t help you, it doesn’t bring us toward peace.
I don’t think the story of my parents is very different from yours.
But the difference is that they never taught me to hate any human beings, and they always told me to look in front of me. 

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